Your View: Cyclists in the fog

BOTH southern Yorke Peninsula football and netball teams had to travel north to either Kadina or Bute last Saturday.

This meant many players and supporters had to be on the road by 7am or earlier, passing through Minlaton on their way.

This included members of my family and, as it happened, the fog was so thick between Minlaton and Maitland the visibility was down to 40 metres or less.

Because of the hazardous conditions, my family was driving cautiously at a speed of about 70km/h. But you can imagine their disbelief when three miles north of Minlaton a group of four cyclists, riding two abreast, suddenly appeared out of the gloom directly in front of them.

Yes, legally these cyclists had every right to be on the road Saturday morning, and yes, they had all the appropriate flashing lights and hi-vis clothing. But surely, it’s time commonsense prevailed.

Cyclists riding two abreast, in extremely poor visibility, at a fraction of the speed of a motor vehicle, and offering no opportunity to be overtaken, are not only endangering themselves but also endangering everyone else using the road at the same time.

I believe the decision of these cyclists to go riding on a busy main road, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions, was both irresponsible and reckless, and could have very easily resulted in another tragic accident.

Wayne Krieg, Minlaton

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