Your View: Carbon tax debacle

BARELY three years ago Tony Abbott secured the agreement to abolish carbon tax.

We were all going to be winners he announced, and each household $550 better off. Well that was the dream but the reality is much different.

Since the removal of the carbon tax prices have skyrocketed and investment in alternative energy, in itself a potential massive industry, has shrivelled.

What a debacle, and how sad for Australia falling for it, what now equates to a lost decade.

Well it’s time to pick up the pieces and buckle up to continuing price hikes for the medium term.

Personally, if I were a Liberal voter, I’d want to hide. Abbott’s refusal to accept climate change and his mantra for coal and only coal is an embarrassment beyond belief, an unmitigated disaster.

Ultimately, states which have sold off their power utilities to multinationals will have to do the hard yards in regaining control. The SA Liberals sold off ETSA to pay down debt but this decision is now considered to have increased debt. Certain utilities should never be sold and certainly power generation is one.

Western Australia can pat itself on the back. Despite serious debt WA voted overwhelmingly to retain control of its state power utility. Good luck for WA, cold comfort for us.

Chris Hunter, Moonta

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