Saturday, 24 June 2017


Entertain Us (20-6-2017): Faces in the crowd

Tuesday, 20 June 2017 13:59

THERE is nothing like watching live music.

Your View: Ear tags wanted

Tuesday, 20 June 2017 13:43

I STARTED collecting ear tags from sheep stations back in 1959 as a kid living in Broken Hill.

Your View: Coal v wind power

Tuesday, 20 June 2017 13:42

OUR federal government is concerned about terrorism. Terrorists kill about 20,000 people each year world-wide.

Your View: Always Kadina

Tuesday, 20 June 2017 13:42

I AM writing concerning two different items, but they do come back to the same agenda.

Your View: Winulta cemetery restoration

Tuesday, 20 June 2017 13:41

HAVING recently visited Maitland, and surrounding districts, we wanted to offer bouquets to the, we presume, volunteers who are so lovingly and energetically caring for and restoring the Winulta cemetery.

Your View: Congrats mayor Paul Thomas AM

Tuesday, 20 June 2017 13:41

Congratulations to our mayor Paul Thomas on becoming a Member of the Order of Australia. A good news story worthy of the front page. Well deserved, Paul.

Your View: Rainbow duster attack

Tuesday, 20 June 2017 13:40

AT the budget meeting of the District Council of the Copper Coast in the Kadina Town Hall on May 17, a rainbow duster was thrown onto the floor as reported in the YP Country Times by the journalist reporting on the meeting that night (YPCT 23-5-17).

Your View: Increase pension age?

Tuesday, 20 June 2017 13:39

I NOTE with utter disgust the federal government has decided to hike up the pension age to save $3.6billion over four years, a relatively small amount, yet proposes to waste $13.2billion over the same period on foreign aid handouts. It seems the government is more concerned with matters overseas than looking after its own people.