Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Your View: Flawed reasoning

THE details of the recent decision by Country Health SA to close the operating theatre at Yorketown Hospital on April 1 have been exposed as grossly flawed.

Smoke and mirrors, and dodgy figures comparing Yorketown and Wallaroo, show the determination of Country Health SA to justify the closure.

With this proposal, of course it will be even more difficult to attract quality, multi-skilled doctors to serve this district in the future.

But we are not at that stage, yet. Our doctors and staff at Yorketown Hospital are exceptional. We should be taking a positive stand.

Country Health SA should free up money held for Yorketown Hospital, and complete the necessary upgrades to the operating theatre.

More surgical procedures should be offered. For instance, the waiting time at Wallaroo for cataract surgery is up to 12 months.

With the escalating cost of health insurance, and many people becoming unable to afford cover, demand on public hospitals will surely increase. Yorketown Hospital should be included in all aspects of ensuring the future wellbeing of our district. People decide to live on southern Yorke Peninsula based on the availability of hospital services at Yorketown.

I was bemused when YP Health Advisory Committee presiding member Rod Thomas expressed “our ageing population being attributed to the decision to cease surgeries at Yorketown Hospital”. Therefore, our ageing population must travel long distances for surgical procedures, and even be separated from their spouses for the duration of hospital stay. It is always the most vulnerable who pay, the old and the very young, with decisions such as this.

Decisions are made at all levels of governance, and imposed on the population. The resulting sense of powerlessness is deeply destructive to the community. I urge fellow citizens of southern YP to demand a Country Health SA ensures full services at Yorketown Hospital are maintained, and expanded upon.

Lesley May, Yorketown

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