Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Your View: Marijuana medicinal oil

I AM writing about marijuana medicinal oil — cannabidiol or CBD Oil.

I watched an SBS program about medical marijuana as medical pain relief on Sunday night.

Israel’s Dr Raphael Mechoulam gave a testimony of 50 years of research evaluating all the pros and cons of medical marijuana oils.

He has had 60,000 Israeli patients prescribed CBD Oil for a variety of pain complaints and illnesses during the past 10 years.

This evaluated information is available to this government now.

To me, the powerful pharmaceutical companies are delaying the release for pain relief of CBD Oils because it will be a loss of huge profits obtained from prescribed so-called pain relievers which are very expensive.

There would undoubtedly be huge savings to the government’s health bill if it allowed our doctors to prescribe CBD Oil now.

Don’t wait another four years of trials and then maybe release it for patient use.

J. Lightfoot, Curramulka

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