Sunday, 18 February 2018

Your View: Non-disabled parkers

AN extraordinary effort by Josie Welk and Jenny Halse to petition for the reinstatement of the Moonta Police Station (YPCT 11-4-17).

However, their work has been sorely tested by people who think it is their God given right to park in the disabled parking space in front of the former police station.

It has been recently repainted and remarked, no doubt reserved for customers now attending to business at the post office.

There are also those who park in the disabled parking spots at the library car park of Moonta Area School.

On enquiring, no staff appear interested (understandably) in confronting vehicle parkers with no visible disabled parking permits at the time it happens and it is brought to their attention.

Why bother having any of these spots in the first place with the selfishness of some community members who badly need policing?

Shame on you and you know who you are. Karma has a way and if some misfortune awaits you, remember you have read this.

Peter Doroch, Moonta

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