IN CINEMAS NOW... Dunkirk is a war movie done right. IN CINEMAS NOW... Dunkirk is a war movie done right.

Entertain Us (8-8-2017): Dunkirk is amazing

IT is impossible to understand the atrocities of war young men were subjected to.

However, Christopher Nolan’s latest movie Dunkirk does justice to one of the great injustices of modern history.

The true story of the Allied escape of mainland Europe from the French beaches of Dunkirk via the services of the merchant sea vessels is an eye opener.

Although I knew the story of Dunkirk before seeing the movie, I came away with an increased awareness of the difficulties of evacuating 400,000 soldiers from rugged coastline and uncompromising waves.

The movie cleverly ties in the three phases of war, land, sea and air, to show the viewers how they worked together to achieve the best possible result during the evacuation.

More than that, the three separate timelines of land, sea and air were followed to appear out of sync, but as the movie drew to a close their synergy improved and the timelines aligned.

It is masterful screenwriting.

The acting is excellent, with a host of proven performers in support roles for untried and inexperienced leads.

The relative lack of dialogue enhanced the tension felt by those waiting for safe voyage, and the absolute ambivalence to death in the opening scene prepares the viewer for what is ahead.

The helplessness of the situation is made even more apparent as the film gets underway, relentless attack from the Luftwaffe on beaches filled with sitting ducks.

Large navy ships being sunk quicker than they can fill their hulls with escapees hopeful of seeing the white cliffs of England.

Finally, the feeling of futility is seeing a tiny pleasure yacht sail past a monstrous navy vessel, adding to the despair.

The incredibly realistic special effects made this movie feel as though it could have been what actually happened.

Boats quaking as bombs destroy the hull, plane disintegrating upon impact with water and waves lapping at soldiers lying prone on the beach while planes scream past.

It is a truly mesmerizing experience, but not tainted by excessive blood and gore like war movies in the mould of Saving Private Ryan.

The outcome of the story is well-known, almost 400,000 soldiers escaped Europe to protect home and gather ready for return on D-Day, but the way the story is told makes this movie worth watching.

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