MAKE HAPPY... American comedian Bo Burnham’s stand-up special Make Happy is available on Netflix. MAKE HAPPY... American comedian Bo Burnham’s stand-up special Make Happy is available on Netflix.

Entertain Us (5-9-2017): Bo Burnham will make you happy

IF you’ve finished your latest binge watch and are sick of scrolling through Netflix, Bo Burnham will come to your rescue.

Make Happy is the American comedian’s third stand-up comedy special.

The 27-year-old ‘s career began on YouTube in 2006, when videos he uploaded to share with his family went viral.

He is a musical comedian, accompanying many of his songs with digital piano and sarcastic singing, sort of like America’s answer to Tim Minchin.

There is something to make everyone happy in Make Happy.

Bo manages to poke fun at almost everyone imaginable.

Bo begins with a typical rock-star call and response, engaging with the audience before shutting them down and launching into an hour of pure hilarity.

I don’t normally go out of my way to watch stand-up shows, but Bo captivated my attention using satire and catchy songs to discuss current issues and current not-so-issues.

He speaks ironically about the hardships of being a straight white male not being able to complain about his problems and discusses the serious issue of suicide in a non-serious way.

Then he’ll drop an immature joke, pre-recorded song or remix of a nursery rhyme just to keep the audience on their toes.

Farmers will appreciate the song Pandering, Bo’s criticism of “country” singers who have never done a day of farm work in their life.

In fact, even if you’re not a farmer you’ll find yourself singing along to, “I walk and talk like a field man, but the boots I’m wearing cost three grand, I write songs about riding tractors, from the comfort of a private jet.”

After many more songs, including the real response to a break-up (language warning), he finishes with a hilarious Kanye West-style rant about the woes of getting a burrito and not being able to fit everything into it – the ultimate first world problem.

With quick-witted and self-depreciating humour, Bo describes his on-stage persona as “a more arrogant, stuck-up version of myself”.

With the glimpses of the real Bo he reveals in the show, this could not be any more different; he’s a modest young man who briefly shares his struggles with depression and anxiety.

Grab your snacks (just not an overfilled burrito), grab your wine and get ready for a happy hour in with Netflix and Bo.

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