Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Your View: Intersection upgrade

I WAS interested and pleased to note the intended upgrade to the intersection of Yorke Highway/Harry Butler Road.

An improvement has been needed for some time.

I wonder though if there was any local consultation before the plans were signed off.

It seems to me a much more sensible way would have been to incorporate a slip lane for traffic coming from Warooka heading north.

I would refer to the intersection south of Ardrossan where the Yorke Highway joins the St Vincent Highway via a slip lane, which works extremely well.

The problem with the plan for Butler Road intersection is vehicles, particularly large trucks, et cetera, approaching from the south, will be faced with a sudden decline and a veer to the right with the need to pull up abruptly at a give way or stop sign.

This will make the intersection much more dangerous than it already is.

Common sense would suggest a slip lane to continue towards Minlaton would make for a much smoother and safer progression!

Indeed, the addition of a merging slip lane to the existing roadway is really all that is needed and could have been done years ago at a minimal cost.

Robert Martin, Minlaton

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