Your View: Better deal needed for retirees

AS hiking the pension age is a very important issue, it would have been nice for Cory Bernardi (YPCT 29-8-17) to have given an in-depth reply to my original letter to him.

Identical letters were sent to Rowan Ramsey, Nick Champion and Nick Xenophon. No replies were received from Mr Ramsey or Mr Champion. No doubt Mr Ramsey, as part of the government that approved this hike, supported it. It is not the first time Mr Champion has snubbed me.

I did not contact the Greens as they are a spent force, with loopy-left ideas. Look no further than their views on Islamic State and their ideas on power generation.

The Turnbull government can find $50billion to give business tax cuts, plus another $13.2billion to waste on foreign-aid handouts, but trashes baby boomers about ready to retire to the tune of $3.6billion. This is far more important than the same-sex marriage rubbish currently being bandied around.

Nick Xenophon not only answered my letter in depth, but he did it quickly, and explained everything in layman’s terms. He was the only one to give me a decent answer. That is why, Mr Bernardi, I am so sympathetic to the NXT team.

I am nearly 65, worked virtually nonstop from mid-1970 to Easter 2016. Except for 14 months when Bridgestone ceased manufacturing in April, 2010, I worked for Uniroyal/Bridgestone for 36 years. Then from June 2011 to Easter 2016 in house demolition.

I vote, and will vote for the party that will give me the best deal. I can strike off Labor and Liberal, so it looks like Mr X will get my vote. The electorate is sick and tired of being fobbed off by politicians solely interested in putting themselves first before the electorate.

Kym Bray, Port Victoria

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