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Our View (12-9-2017): Be excited, not abusive

WATCHING Luke Shuey end Port Power’s season with a kick after the siren in extra time was the most painful part of my week. And that’s saying something considering two days earlier I’d had surgery.

I said some not-overly-nice things about Shuey, and several other players from both teams, during the heart-stopping match. If not for the painkillers I would probably have been even less subdued.

From the comfort of my couch, 150 kilometres away from Adelaide Oval, any remarks I made were obviously inconsequential, not to mention pointless.

Yet I couldn’t help myself, and many others are often in the same boat.

When we head to the local winter sport grand finals, most notably the footy and netball at Kadina this Saturday, a higher standard of spectator decorum must apply.

It’s completely natural to be swept up in the excitement of sport. But inappropriate comments should not be tolerated, especially when in public and aimed at locals.

Children’s teams in particular should be supported by encouraging comments. In a previous season I saw one young man commit a fairly violent and unsportsmanlike act during a grand final. But even if an extreme case like that, having adults shout abuse at him was not going to teach him the right thing to do.

Adults have thicker skin, but it still makes more sense to encourage rather than to criticise. Foul language is not a great look when there are kids around. All players will be trying their best, and the umpires are out there so we can play and watch local sport in the first place. It’s the big day for the umps selected to officiate the finals as well.

Emotions will run high so let’s make a concerted effort not to be abusive. That way everyone involved can enjoy the day, just like we all want to.

Nick Perry, Editor
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