Thursday, 18 January 2018

Your View: Voting yes

THAT a question of social rights should be decided by popular vote by way of a survey is an ethically unsound course of action.

However, this method is also the lesser of two evils; the greater evil is to say nothing. The most interesting thing is the “no” proponents, more often than not, say naught about this evil.

Parliamentary process in democracies supposedly is made up of fair-minded individuals capable of curbing the whims of harmful populism. They should look at the facts in an unbiased fashion and vote accordingly in making laws and regulations in the best interests of all.

Shamefully, they have failed the electorate on the same-sex marriage debate, wasting $100million to boot.

I am voting yes because, as far a social rights go, it is the correct thing to do, and am doing so because our timid politicians have failed in their sworn duty.

David Nicholls, Weetulta

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