Your View: Climate change and religion

SEVERAL letters, on climate change and religion (YPCT 4-10-17) were quite misleading.

A decade or more ago science deniers claimed climate change wasn’t happening. Now the evidence is overwhelming they say, “Okay, I accept that it is happening, but it’s not caused by our actions.” Look at the evidence! Some 97-plus per cent of papers published on the subject of climate science accept anthropogenic climate change as a fact.

Two writers claimed we get our morality from the Bible. Perhaps these people could explain to readers why we don’t take an “eye for an eye” or kill someone who curses his father or mother? Exodus 21 also lays down some rules about how we should treat our slaves, so it seems the Bible condones slavery. Deuteronomy 13:6-10 tells us we should kill anyone who tries to convert us. Exodus 32:27-29 tells us how after Moses brought the Ten Commandments down and found the Israelites worshiping a golden calf he set them to killing each other; 3000 died. I thought “though shalt not kill’? I could go on.

Dave Clarke, Armagh

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