Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Your View: Don’t sell our natural assets

COPPER Coast Council is considering revoking the community land status for the Port Moonta Coastal Flora Conservation Reserve so it can subdivide the land and sell it off to raise revenue.

This coastal reserve is located on the corner of Marine Parade and Moonta Roads in Moonta Bay and is densely vegetated with remnant native vegetation, of which very little still exists in the area. It is also a historical marker for the original Port of Moonta.

I am extremely concerned the council is even considering selling off this reserve. At the November council meeting, Councillor Bruce Schmidt moved to direct the CEO to sell the reserve to fund some spray seal on roads around the Moonta Bay area. This motion was approved and it will now proceed to community consultation.

What an appalling misuse of trust that the council would consider short-term revenue raising at the expense of future generations. My young children love Moonta Bay, including the vegetation, birds and other animals in this reserve. What do I tell them the day the reserve is bulldozed?

One of the reasons people are attracted to the Copper Coast is the lifestyle and pristine coastal environment, which includes important native vegetation reserves like Port Moonta Coastal Reserve. Once these reserves are carved up and traded for a bit of spray seal, we can never get them back.

I am a landowner in the Moonta Bay area and I’m not against improving road conditions but this is not the way to do it.  Please don’t sell off our natural assets.

Matthew Baines, Moonta Bay

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