Your View: Texting and driving

IF you are one of the many drivers who uses your mobile phone to text, check emails, et cetera, whilst driving, this is about you.

You are the one who drops your head to your lap, raises it, drops it again, raises it, drops it again, and so forth. You are the one who takes your eyes off the road for two seconds at a time. This means that at 60km/h, you have driven blind for 33 metres. You are an accident waiting to happen. Your actions are selfish. Madness.

In Australia, distraction or inattention has been identified as a contributing factor in 22 per cent of car accidents. It has also been identified as a contributing factor in 46 per cent of “near crashes”. Experts believe using a mobile phone while driving greatly impacts your ability to concentrate on driving. Despite this, a recent study showed 25 per cent of drivers still use their hand-held mobile phones while driving on a regular basis.

I personally know people who have lost their lives, or been maimed, or lost a limb, due to the actions of others on the road. One of these instances at least, was proven to be as a result of another vehicle’s driver texting whilst driving.

In South Australia alone, 94 people have died this year on our roads. Last year it was 86. When you get in your car, put your phone out of reach, or turn it off. That action may save your life.

But if you want to continue your selfish behaviour, and you do end your own life unnecessarily, or injure yourself, I don’t care. Just don’t harm me in the process.

Mark Schroeder, Wallaroo

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