Thursday, 22 February 2018

Your View: Otago Road sand build-up

I AM an old Wallaroo person who visits the area several times a year.

During a trip early December, I went out the North Beach to look at the sand build-up on Otago Road, and the shacks numbered 4-6. I was amazed at what was there.

I visited Wallaroo the week leading up to January 26 and was amazed it was still there. I measured 60cm of sand on the verandah, council footpath and several centimetres deep on the road.

Talking to an interstate tourist, he felt the tenants should not have to clean up this mess, as he had witnessed.

I wonder if the council has insurance to cover any claims that should arise.

When I was a young Wallaroo boy, the council would clean up the area before the influx of tourists arrived. This does not appear to be done by today’s council.

M. Kaylo, Port Pirie

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