Your View: The big levers

AUSTRALIANS are up to their eyeballs in debt, a fait accompli for financial advisors, multinational doppelgangers whose aim it is to ensnare us - they win, we lose, every time a coconut.

Now house prices will drop, flaking off the unwary.

They manipulate the market of course, the big levers, levers that would shift the moon. The reality is we don’t have a chance, not to gain fair equity, unless you are a bully of course, only the humane wait in a queue.

We are taught this aggressiveness, dog eat dog, as a healthy way to operate in this Young Turk’s universe, thus our environment has suffered terribly, and our compassion sadly withered.

The recent state budget delivered by Rob Lucas is an example of the environment suffering and compassion withering, all to settle a state debt of a comparatively-paltry amount. Last time around he panicked and sold ETSA, a very bad financial deal for South Australia.

Just remember how the equation works, a lever is pulled and we all cough for the ferryman, or we end up in one of the expanded jails, about the only growth industry mentioned in the budget.

Jay Weatherill’s Ned Kelly stand against the banks, to in fact recover the state debt, was daring to say the least. Historically it’s not such a bad look, if not a fatal lunge towards the lever, but those who protected it by coming out on the side of the banks cannot hide from history.

We are being screwed, to quote Mr Weatherill, and it will be difficult times ahead. As far as mining and farming go, unfortunately the farmer will lose, every time a coconut.

No free computers for year 10s was a low blow, it dumbs us down. The banks should have paid. We win.

Chris Hunter, Moonta

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