Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins was a Bachelor favourite before leaving fans heartbroken in the season finale last Thursday, October 4. Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins was a Bachelor favourite before leaving fans heartbroken in the season finale last Thursday, October 4.

Entertain Us (9-10-2018): The Bachelor finale fail

THE Bachelor 2018 was supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread but the finale left us all feeling a bit like we were all sizzle and no steak, you feel me?

Yeah nah, you’re right, I don’t get it either but former professional Rugby Union player and bachelor Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins won fans over early with his Aussie larrikin behaviour and those epic one-liners.

Examples include “Busier than a one-armed brick layer in Baghdad with an itch”, “Nervous as a long-tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs”, “I’m absolutely tin-fruited”.

See he made about as much sense throughout the season as he did in the epic fail of a finale!

I’ll give you a quick low-down of events prior to my heart breaking into a million pieces.

  • 1. Honey Badger meets 20 women (Heads up he doesn’t like any of them)
  • 2. Honey Badger talks nonsense, “I was like a rat up a drainpipe”
  • 3. Honey Badger gets rid of mean girls (Cat from Bali, she sucked)  
  • 4. Strange intruders arrive and no one likes intruders
  • 5. Multiple grand dates that wouldn’t happen in real life (waiting for my helicopters and hot air balloons)
  • 6. Honey Badger falls in love with Brooke who is gorgeous and down to earth
  • 7. Brooke walks out, gobsmacking the whole of Australia
  • 8. Final two girls meet the fam on an exotic island which is very original
  • 9. Osher continues to be chirpy because he loves, love
  • 10. Honey Badger dumps both girls in a huge heartbreaker and failed finale
  • The End.

We invested time and emotion into old mate and how does he repay us?

By dumping both girls claiming he’s just not ready for a relationship.

Sorry to burst your bubble but that’s the ENTIRE aim of the show! (Obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed.)

At least the girls scored a free holiday and a few hundred more Instagram followers. That’s the real aim of the show, right?

As for the Honey Badger he conveniently fled the country, probably burying himself in a hole like his furry name sake.  

“Just like that kid that fell out the tree you know, he just wasn’t in it.”

*Insert hysterical weeping and or laughing* What a joke.

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