Your View: Renewable power

KYM Bray (YPCT 13-11-18) is wrong in so much of what he wrote that it is hard to know where to start.

Why wasn’t the Port Augusta power station converted to much cleaner gas? Because gas is more expensive than wind or solar. The coal-fired power station was shut down because it was unprofitable.

I wonder why Mr Bray thinks private enterprise is working flat out to build more renewable energy (and not just in Australia)? Sanjeev Gupta is no fool. He wouldn’t have decided to invest a billion dollars in renewable energy if it didn’t make financial sense.

Contrary to Mr Bray’s claims, wind and solar are the cheapest forms of power generation at present and will only become more so in future. Mr Bray lauds nuclear power. Perhaps he has not heard of the two nuclear power stations that were about half built in South Carolina? After about US$9billion was spent on them cost overruns had become so high construction was cancelled.

I suppose Mr Bray denies the science of climate change. It certainly seems emissions, ocean acidification and the millions of people who die every year from air pollution doesn’t concern him.

Mr Bray mentions “United Nations research” into wind turbines and health. I suspect that what he meant by this was a recent World Health Organisation report that has been totally misrepresented by the likes of MLC Connie Bonaros. What the report actually said was there was no evidence to link wind turbines to health problems.

He implied wind turbines are hard to live with. I have made a point of sleeping under wind turbines many times and had a good night’s sleep every time.

Perhaps Mr Bray could inform us of where wind turbines have been banned within two kilometres of habitations?

David Clarke, Armagh

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