Entertain Us (3-7-2018): House hunters: a deconstruction

MARIA’S favourite things included whiskers on kittens and warm woollen mittens but I get great joy in watching house-related television shows.

There’s specific type of home-centric show I particularly enjoy, the people-looking-for-their-dream-home event.

Unoriginally, one program is called House Hunters and has equally clever offshoots in which people look overseas for houses (House Hunters International), for a home to renovate (House Hunters Renovation) and even bring the fam along for the ride (House Hunters Family).

If you haven’t seen it, let me break it down for you.

Generally a person/family/couple are looking to make a change and get into the house of their dreams.

We find out a little more about them as people, what they do, why they want more space and what they are looking for.

This is always when it gets interesting. Always. Especially when it’s a couple looking for their first home.

These couples always have some giant glaring difference in what they are looking for. One will want a sleek modern home and the other will prefer something with character, one looks for lighter timbers and the other wants dark, and on it goes.

Without fail some poor real estate agent specially commissioned by the producers finds three options to show them.

They’ll all have some things right with them, some things won’t meet expectations and they’ll agree on something else.

Most likely the colour of the paint is bad or a fixture is horrible and that therefore shapes the potential buyers’ opinions of the whole place despite these issues being totally fixable.

Eventually a love of exposed bricks and large open spaces leads them to their new version of a perfect home.

It’s like watching the three little bears but substituting homes for porridge.

And just like that story, everyone lives happily ever after — and the homebuyers wonder how they ever survived without a huge man cave in the basement.

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